Truck and Vehicle Equipment Finance

Construction industry and transport businesses need the right equipment to get on with the job. At Savvy, we know the importance of getting all new equipment or trucks when the old ones near the end of their life cycle. Whether you need earthmovers, bobcats, trailers, tanks, heavy plant, cranes or frannas, Savvy finds the best deals on truck and vehicle equipment finance – from chattel mortgages, hire purchases, finance leases or operating leases, you’re guaranteed to save with Savvy.

When it comes to finding the best deals, Savvy doesn’t compromise. We shop your quote around to over 25 of Australia’s leading truck and vehicle equipment lenders so you’ll walk away with a deal that costs less and benefits you more. 

Our finance leases and operating leases are perfect for businesses looking to keep all their trucks or vehicle equipment on the cutting edge. Lease options give you the benefits of fixed payments and interest rates you may pay out of your operating budget. You can also maintain your cash flow without spending any of your own capital. Businesses can be eligible for tax breaks on depreciation and interest payments. At the end of a finance lease you have the option to buy the equipment with a residual payment, trade in your equipment for a new lease with new equipment or walk away. 

Why Choose Savvy?

Unbeatable rates on truck and vehicle equipment finance

Savvy knows the score on truck and equipment loans. Get lowest rates, guaranteed.

Commercial lease options galore

Save money on finance leases and operating leases for truck and vehicle equipment.

Protect your investment with Savvy insurance

Need insurance? Savvy has you covered; tailored premiums without the added costs

Bad credit truck and vehicle finance

Do you have bad credit? Savvy can help you get approved for truck and vehicle equipment finance

Get Savvy silver service

Our financial professionals give all our customers the best customer service, Australia-wide!

Chattel Mortgage

If you want to own your equipment and create an asset, Savvy’s range of chattel mortgages and hire purchases are the best choice for business. No deposits are necessary and payments can be fixed throughout the term of the loan for better forward planning. Your vehicle or truck equipment is used as security so you can borrow 100% of the equipment’s value – or exceed that amount to amortise extras such as insurance or scheduled servicing. Claim your GST paid on the purchase price on your next BAS statement as well as depreciation and interest payments. Set terms from 12 months up to 7 years or more! Offset payments with a balloon payment at the end of the term.

Hire Purchase

We source our chattel mortgages and hire purchases from our premier lenders so you’ll always get the lowest interest rates possible on truck and vehicle equipment finance.

Truck Insurance

Better yet, the professionals at Savvy are seasoned truck and vehicle equipment insurance brokers – you’ll be surprised how much you can save on a tailored policy with Savvy.


Want to know how much you’ll save on truck and vehicle equipment finance? Use our online loan calculator to set a budget for a quick approximation or get a free, no obligation quote via our secure online quote form. Approvals are fast, made possible by the latest in technology.

Remember, your friendly financial professionals are always happy to help. Call us on 1300 974 066 – you’ll go further with Savvy!