Top 5 tips when buying used equipment in australia

Posted on Tuesday, December 15, 2015 - 12:27

You can save a lot of money by purchasing used equipment such as bobcats, IT equipment, medical or manufacturing equipment, etc. But besides getting a great price for them, the best part is that the government will help you purchase them by offering loans. 

For instance, we offer used equipment financing options that will help you buy anything you need. Savvy sources the right lenders and provides options that will not penalise the interest rates only because of the age of the equipment.

Still, before you get a loan, you first have to do some work and find the equipment you need. Follow these five tips that will help you get high-quality products, even if they are second hand.

Research is crucial

Before buying any used equipment, you should do your research. What is the best type of equipment for your needs? What is the best manufacturer in your industry? How large does the machinery have to be to suit your needs? Try to answer every possible question, so that you can make an informed decision. This will also keep you away from scams.

Inspect the equipment

Inspect the equipment before buying it. If you just trust what the seller tells you, you can be sure that you will be tricked. Go and see the product for yourself and avoid using a broker. You might think that an agent will help you find what you need faster, but you might find out that the equipment will change in size, price and quality until it will reach you. This means that the broker can trick you too.

Know what you need

You have to know what you need exactly. When we talk about industrial equipment, even a few centimetres matter and can add up to more money than you expect. If you are looking for metal studs of 8 centimeters, for example, and you simply use a picture of them when looking for used studs, you might find out that the ones you have bought do not fit the way they should. The worst part is that you cannot return the product. That is why taking exact measurements and knowing what you need is crucial.

Buy accessories from the same dealer

When you buy machinery do you also think about the extra equipment and parts that you need? For example, if you need a taper, do you also think about purchasing some tape heads? Or spacers and post protectors for a rack? If not, try to make a habit and buy all that you need from the same seller. Many dealers stock extra items just in case someone needs them. This will help you save effort and time in the future, and you will also create a stock of spare accessories.

Used or refurbished?

These are two crucial terms when it comes to sales. The used equipment has already been used and resold, and it is completely functional. The refurbished equipment has been sent to the manufacturer to be inspected for a resale. So, next time remember to look for refurbished equipment instead of used items.

Pay attention to these tips when buying used equipment and you will be able to avoid being tricked by sellers. This will help you get the exact product that you need.

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