Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the benefits of dealing with someone like you instead of going through my bank?

YES! Savvy finances replacement of equipment when it’s run through its lifecycle. 

Q. I’m in X type of business, can I get a loan?

YES! We offer loans to agricultural, mining, construction, retail, services and hospitality businesses that run on the back of their equipment. From small business to enterprise level, Savvy has you covered.

Q. I need my equipment to stay current so I don’t want to buy. Is there a solution for me?

YES! We offer finance leases and operating leases so you can effectively replace your equipment every two to five years (other lease terms can apply too!) and lease again!

Q. I want an equipment lease but have the option to buy at the end. Is that possible?

YES! At the end of a finance lease, you may pay a residual and purchase your equipment outright.

Q. I want to cover my equipment against breakdown or theft. Can I do that?

YES! Savvy offers a comprehensive range of equipment insurance. We are the specialists when it comes to providing business with competitive policies with low premiums.

Q. I need heavy machinery or plant for my truck, vehicle or factory. Do you provide loans for that?

YES! We help industry, construction and mining find great deals on equipment loans every day!

Q. My business ran into trouble and has a bad credit history. Can I get a loan?

YES! We help businesses with bad credit get the equipment loans they need to get back on track.

Q. I want to set my budget before applying – can I get an approximate of how much I’ll be paying back?

YES! You can use our equipment loan calculator or submit your own personalised quote online! It’s free and there’s no obligation to apply.

Q. I’d like to apply for a loan or lease but I’d rather talk to someone. Is that possible?

YES! Our equipment finance professionals are here to take your calls and guide you through the process. Call 1300 974 066 and we’ll answer all your questions.

Q. What kind of equipment does my business need to get up and running?

That’s something for you to determine for yourself! Please take a look at our equipment finance blog for tips and insights into choosing equipment and finance.