Top 5 tips for upgrading your IT equipment

Posted on Monday, April 3, 2017 - 11:02

The IT industry changes so fast that devices, personal computers, and laptops bought this year are already inferior to those that will hit the market half a year from now on. In Australia, high-speed broadband Internet will boost the country’s productivity with 1.7% by 2020, as shown in Australia’s Digital Future to 2050. The same source lets us know that by 2050, IT development will generate around 1 trillion dollars in revenue. It already goes without saying that staying up to date is extremely important.

Is it crucial to upgrade your IT equipment?

This is somewhat of a rhetorical question. But the answer is “Yes.” Nowadays, everything business-related is IT-based. Business management software, hyper-fast processors and mind-blowing storage capabilities are just a few of the benefits. 90% of all the work of the employees is done on computers. Advertising, partnerships, sales – all of them are done on the Internet.

Let us provide you with a few tips on how to upgrade your IT equipment:

Make sure you need it

If the PCs in your company are running slowly, can’t seem to adapt easily to new applications, have very little storage capabilities and slow down the work of your employees as a consequence, then you do need to upgrade. If you don’t have the money, you can choose equipment finance.

Upgrade everything that pertains to the network

This is especially advised when you have a lot of people working on the same network. Your server is eventually going to crash. You can add more memory or simply change everything with brand-new products.

Consider changing the PCs

The prices for PCs have been lowered lately because they evolve too fast. A new model drops almost weekly. They’ve become juggernauts that can process surreal amounts of information in a matter of seconds, can store up to 60 whopping terabytes worth of data and can turn business chores in pure pleasure.

Don’t play the technician

If you don’t have any expertise in IT, don’t try to upgrade the equipment yourself. You may damage something vital, and that’s money gone down the drain. Let a skilled technician do it.

Try to replace equipment rather than repair it

Repairing IT equipment is the equivalent of fixing a flat tyre by putting duct tape over the punctured hole. Repairing the equipment does not upgrade it; you might spend twice the money you would’ve spent on replacing everything in the first place. If you invest in upgrading, you have to ensure that the new equipment you buy is not going to be obsolete in the next two months.

In 2015, analysts opined that Australia would spend around $80 billion on IT upgrading. According to their research, the same sum is going to double over a period of five years. This is perfectly illustrative of the attempt of businesses to upgrade their technology in order to avoid unproductivity and inefficiency. How much would you be willing to spend on IT upgrades for your company?

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