Bad Credit Equipment Finance

Sometimes businesses run into trouble with their finances, leaving them with bad credit. A poor credit history limits your chances of approval for equipment finance, even if the equipment will generate improved profits. If you have been declined by the banks or lenders for equipment finance, Savvy are the specialists in finding fair deals on equipment loans and leases, even if your credit isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

We believe every business should have a second chance at equipment finance and we fight hard to give businesses with bad credit approvals on whatever they may need. We have customers ranging from construction to mining, retail to services, agricultural to hospitality and everything in between turning to Savvy when they’ve been turned away.

We guarantee that 9 out of 10 applications are given approval as we search for good deals on bad credit loans. We link with over 25 of Australia’s top lenders in equipment finance so you can rely on getting a wider choice with your loans or leases.When a business keeps up repayments and is diligent with their finances, this reflects well on their credit history and allows them to reach the “correctible” credit category.

Why Choose Savvy?

When banks say no, Savvy says yes

Savvy gives businesses with bad credit a second chance at equipment finance.

Bad credit commercial lease options

Looking for a lease? Ask about our commercial equipment lease options for bad credit customers.

Chattel mortgages and hire purchases

Get fair rates on secured chattel mortgages and hire purchases and claim tax benefits!

Insurance for equipment

Savvy are the specialists in finding business customers great premiums on equipment insurance.

9/10 applications approved

Stress less with Savvy – 9 out of 10 bad credit applications are guaranteed approval!

Equipment Lease

Savvy offers customers with bad credit both loan and lease products. Like all loans and leases, they come with all the added advantages of commercial finance products. Chattel mortgages and hire purchases are available with no money down. Other benefits include your claimable GST on purchase price and tax deductions on depreciation, interest payments and full input credits (ask your accountant if your business or asset is eligible.) We can also structure equipment loans to exceed the value of your equipment to amortise extras such as insurance, extend or shorten the loan term according to your needs and offset regular repayments with a balloon payment due at the end of the loan.

Operating Lease

Finance leases and operating leases allow your business to improve your credit while getting the equipment you need. At the maturation of a finance lease, you can choose to buy your equipment with a residual payment, trade your equipment in and begin a new lease or dispose of your equipment. Commercial customers can also claim interest paid on their equipment lease as well as depreciation. Ask one of our friendly financial professionals how! 

Do you need equipment insurance? Savvy can have you covered without the added costs. Ask about our competitive premiums protecting equipment, machinery and heavy plant.

Don’t delay – get a free, no-obligation quote on bad credit equipment finance NOW! Prefer to talk over the phone? Call one of our financial professionals on 1300 974 066 and go further with Savvy!