Agriculture Equipment Finance

The modern farm runs on its equipment. Tractors, harvesters, haymakers, swathers, sprayers, irrigation, tillers and picking/grading equipment is just some of the piece of equipment and plant rural businesses need to run efficiently and grow. Savvy knows the needs of Country Australia and we have a range of agricultural equipment loans and leases that come with low rates, flexible terms and doesn’t impact your cash flow. 

We scour loan products offered by over 25 of Australia’s top lenders in agricultural equipment and vehicle finance to find you the best deal for your situation and circumstances. We can tailor an agricultural equipment finance solution that doesn’t require any initial capital outlay. We can even find loan products such as chattel mortgages or hire purchases that can finance more than your equipment so you can spread the cost of insurance or servicing over the loan term.

We also offer finance leases and operating leases as a way of securing and forecasting your cash flow with fixed repayments. Both are tax-deductible options (claim depreciation and interest on payments) and use operational expenditure (OpEx) rather than capital expenditure (CapEx) in your balance sheets. Finance leases give you the option to purchase your equipment by paying off the residual. An operational lease allows you to extend the term, trade in your equipment for an upgrade or return the equipment if it’s no longer of use. Our financial professionals can help find the right agricultural equipment loan or lease solution that fits your business.

Why Choose Savvy?

The best finance for agricultural equipment and machinery

The best deals on loans for combine harvesters, graders, GPS equipment, tractors, silos, trailers, spreaders, skid steer loaders, backhoe loaders and more.

Lease options to reduce tax and increase cash flow

Ask about our market leading rates on operating leases and financial leases – you’ll save more with Savvy

Lighting fast approvals

We use the latest technology to secure your approval fast. Get on with business the Savvy way

Agriculture equipment insurance with more

Amortise agricultural equipment insurance with our agriculture chattel mortgages and hire purchases.

Compare and save with Savvy

Get a quote today and see how much you can save on agricultural finance with Savvy.

100% Finance

Savvy helps you configure agriculture equipment loans with 100% finance, balloon payments (residual value payments) and loan terms variable from 12 months to 7 years. Apply for loans on new or used equipment – though some age restrictions apply. We can also provide refinancing on available equipment to further free up your cash flow (conditions apply.)

Compare and Save

You’ll be astounded by how much you can save with Savvy. We use the latest in online technology to deliver unparalleled customer service and market beating rates. If you want to start planning your budget for agricultural equipment and machinery, you can use our complimentary loan calculator. Get an approximation right now – it’s free and easy to use!

Online Quotes

Need a more detailed quote? Submit your requirements using our secure online quote system. Our financial professionals will be on the case to find you the best deal in agricultural equipment finance or leases. Your quote is 100% secure and doesn’t cost a thing. There’s no obligation to apply.

If you’re ready to see how much Savvy can save you on agricultural equipment or machinery finance, apply online NOW or call 1300 974 066 and talk to one of our financial professionals. We approve loans FAST so you can get down to business. You’ll go further with Savvy!