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Top 5 tips for upgrading your IT equipment

The IT industry changes so fast that devices, personal computers, and laptops bought this year are already inferior to those that will hit the market half a year from now on. In Australia, high-speed broadband Internet will boost the country’s productivity with 1.7% by 2020, as shown in Australia’s Digital Future to 2050. The same source lets us know that by 2050, IT development will generate around 1 trillion dollars in revenue.

Your equipment finance guide for 2017 in Australia

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2016 showed an unprecedented rise in the number of businesses. Thus, last year alone 21.000 businesses were added to those in the previous years, 2014-15. The surge is indeed great. When you take into consideration the plethora of companies scattered all across Australia, you can well imagine how many of them are or will be in need of equipment financing.

How to select equipment finance for your business

If you’re starting up a business or looking to overhaul your business equipment, you’ll likely need some kind of equipment financing. There are so many options to choose from, it’s might feel too confusing, especially if you want to free up capital to finance operations or grow your business. Here is a great starting point, covering all the basics for selecting equipment finance that’s right for your business.

Top 5 Tips for Business for Equipment Leasing

If you’re a startup or a business that’s been around for a while, you probably take something so vital to your operation it’s almost invisible until you think about it – your equipment. Whether you’re on the farm and sitting atop a combine harvester, or in a shop’s back office crunching numbers, you’re using some kind of equipment. But what are the advantages to leasing instead of buying? We’ll give you the top tips into leasing equipment for your business.


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